otk spanking female to female

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Pandora Blake over the knee for oversleeping!.

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spanked brat

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The Governess Returns!

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Hazel from Powershotz. Normally rough/’forced’ sex, and in particular ‘painal’, is not my thing. At all. But this girl… there’s just something about her. This scene has gotten me off more times than I can count.

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Momsknee - bedtime spanking 5 


Young looking girl gets a realistic spanking from her mom. She is told to pull her pajamas down, then her panties. She repeats during her spanking. I’ll be good, I’ll be good.

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Teen daughter punished

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Spankos are nothing if not creative. Here you see an evil Lexan paddle in use. Or rather, you can see through it so you don’t have to miss a spot. Spankos are very thoughtful when it comes to things like that. (Lexan is a kind of high impact plastic) Did anyone get punished with a paddle like this growing up? Share your story.

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