Considering the recent question about maintaining momentum through your partners tears, I thought it might be educational to show me totally losing mine and bailing out. This was a long and pretty challenging session for both of us, and just as I finally got through her resistance into the crescendo part of the spanking where transcendence can happen, Snow hit her foot on the side of the bed - hard. It doesn’t seem like much on video but I felt the bed jolt and I thought she stubbed her toe crazy hardcore style. You can just about hear whatever remains of my sadistic fortitude evaporate behind my concern.

The thing is, she told me she was ok, and I’m pretty sure I believed her - but there was no way in hell I was going to restart. A return to domspace just wasn’t in the cards; I was mentally exhausted and just done. If this had happened earlier in the session I probably would have massaged her foot a bit and got back to it, but by the time this happened I was more worn out than she was.

But as I said before, this isn’t supposed to be easy.

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The eyes tell it all - how one tries to be brave.

Now - you broke the rules - so you know you are going to be punished. Don’t worry that i am having your boyfriend stay - and watch. He needs to see what a naughty girl will need - a firm handed man.

Now young man - watch her eyes - its important that it is always done bare.

Only when she cries - and wants it to be over, is when the discipline finally begins. If you watch - and learn - i may let you help me next time in her punishment.

Now we begin.

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An upside down wooden spoon spanking hurts a lot. Just ask Alison Miller. And Cindy Wallace spanks HARD. Courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking.

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Hard hand spanks! gosh!

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She has a case of the histrionics, but it’s still a pretty good spanking


Snatched out of the tub and gets her wet bare bottom tanned.

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She’s got the message!

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I wasn’t planning to post this video, and the camera ended up pointing in the wrong direction anyhow. And it’s not exactly a cute sexy clip. But it’s extremely… real, I guess. Very raw.

You could definitely say that this was a challenging play session for everyone. And it’s one where the dom/sub elements are much more subdued than usual. This isn’t discipline, and it isn’t sexy fun. And it’s a scene where things don’t quite work out perfectly - but in a way that makes it interesting, and perhaps educational.

Snow was having a very rough start to her day, and when I asked her if she needed a good spanking she nodded. We started off with an otk session, made painful with occasional forays to the thighs. The video begins at a point where we take a break for a second and she expresses her frustration with not being able to cry. I comiserate, and proceed to lay it on harder to push her past the breaking point. When she does start crying, she cries so hard that she can’t breathe and safewords me - twice actually because I didn’t catch the first one.

I give her a little break, but I don’t want to lose momentum while the tears are still coming, and I spank her more gently for a while as she sobs into the bed. (Note: I can take this sort of calculated risk because me and Snow have a lot of history, experience, and trust - normally I would never resume a scene without a conversation).

Sometimes taking a spanking into that territory is very difficult, and at times even impossible. Being able to release completely and cry feels amazing, but getting there is easier sometimes and harder at others. Snow had a cry and left a puddle on the bed - but she didn’t get it all out.

So after this video there was a long hard strapping and a caning, and even though that didn’t result in the sort of crying she was looking for either (“that strap hurts too much to cry, it’s scorching”), it was intense enough that Snow has been happy and cheery ever since. We went and threw the frisbee in the park.

Sometimes we have to be happy with half-victories <3.

I’m starting to feel like Walter White because I’m always in my undies during these things, sigh.

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This brunette takes a hard wood paddling.  Enjoy her facial reactions as the paddles rains down on her bare ass!

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